John Fox has over 25 years of experience representing oil companies, trucking companies, and insurance companies in personal injury, commercial and environmental litigation.  His trial experience started at Sagot & Jennings  in 1982 and continued at Taylor & Taylor in 1986 through 1994.  In 1994, John Fox started his own law firm representing a large east coast oil company and numerous trucking companies.  In 2002, John Fox founded Fox-Greenberg with partner Michael Greenberg and continued to represent oil companies and trucking companies.  In 2010, John Fox formed Fox Law, P.C.  where he continues to represent oil companies, home heating oil companies, trucking companies and national fraternities.

   John Fox has tried cases in numerous counties in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.  John has tried over 75 jury trials over his career and hundreds of arbitrations.  John has defended clients in numerous cases where the settlement demand exceeded the sum of 15 million dollars.

Oil Refining and Marketing Litigation Experience

   Since 1986, John Fox has represented a large east coast oil refining and marketing company which owns refineries, retail outlet stores and tanker trucks.  A sample of the types of cases which John Fox has handled as trial counsel for the oil company are as follows: 

  1. Termination and Non-Renewal of Franchised Dealers under the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act
  2. Environmental and Personal Injury Claims brought by surrounding property owners due to underground storage leaks at service stations
  3. Breach of Contract cases against dealers for failure to comply with dealer franchise agreement
  4. Prosecuting claims against dealer franchisee for failure to indemnify oil company for third party claims
  5. Slip and fall accidents at company owned stations and dealer operated stations
  6. Tanker truck accidents
  7. Tanker truck gasoline release claims
  8. Environmental contamination cases involving home heating oil delivery releases
  9. Refinery accidents involving sub-contractors
  10.  Oil Refinery gas and soot releases into surrounding neighborhoods causing personal injury and property damage
  11. Refinery explosions causing personal injury and property damage
  12. Defending cases involving third party criminal conduct occurring at service stations (lack of security issues)
  13.  Improper or illegal dispensing of gasoline claims causing injury to customers and/or off-site issues with dispensed products.
  14. Toxic Tort Claims

Trucking Litigation Experience

   John Fox has represented trucking companies since 1986.  He has been a member of the Trucking Industry Defense Association since 1994.  John has tried on behalf of the trucking companies numerous high exposure cases throughout Pennsylvania and the United States involving catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.  Fox Law currently represents over 25 national trucking companies.

Automobile Litigation Experience

   John Fox has represented a medium sized insurance company specializing in automobile coverage since 2004.  As defense counsel for an automobile insurance company, John has represented the insureds in numerous claims for personal injury and property damage.

Fraternity Litigation

   John Fox represents several national fraternities in claims arising from fraternity sponsored events which resulted in personal injury.




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